Protein Rations for Havana Residents from April 27 to May 3

A "bodega" store where Cubans by their rations.  Foto: Juan Suárez
A “bodega” store where Cubans by their rations. Foto: Juan Suárez

HAVANA TIMES – We present the list of subsidized protein products that can be purchased by Havana residents with their ration booklets in their local stores during the week of April 27 to May 3. The portions are distributed per month on a rotation basis in the 15 municipalities of the capital.

CHICKEN (1 pound per consumer and medical diets) Distribution in Old Havana, Guanabacoa, Habana del Este and Marianao.

MORTADELLA (½ pound per consumer) Distribution in Plaza.

FLAVORED HASH (½ pound per consumer) Distribution in San Miguel, Diez de Octubre and Playa

EGGS (5 per consumer and medical diets) Distribution in Marianao, Arroyo Naranjo, La Lisa, Cerro, Cotorro and Plaza.

CHICKEN FOR FISH (11 ounces per consumer) Distribution in Arroyo Naranjo, Diez de Octubre Plaza, La Habana Vieja, San Miguel and Boyeros.

During April habaneros also receive a quota of 7 pounds of rice, 10 ounces of grains (beans or peas), three pounds of white sugar and 1 pound of brown sugar, 13 boxes of applesauce, ½ pound of cooking oil, 4 ounces coffee (for those over 7 years), and salt, the quantity depending on the number of members in the household.

Due to difficulties with the raw material, 1 kg of shake mix is ??replaced by Lactosoy, priced at 3.25 CUP.

Source: Empresa Provincial de Comercio La Habana

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  • Pre-Castro Cuba had a standard of living among the best in Latin America and better than a few European countries. Castro traded that quality of life for his version of utopia where everyone is poor. Comparing Cuba to Mexico is convenient when it serves your purpose. You seem to ignore the comparison when it comes to civil liberties and freedom of the press. Mexican teachers can protest in the streets without fear of arrest to press their demands for higher salaries. Mexican government workers can publish editorials to seek better retirement benefits. Mexican journalists can openly criticize President Pena-Nieto. How does Cuba compare now?

  • Cuba is still a third world country….despite the nostalgia of the exiles Cuba in 1958 had a majority of the people malnourished, sick, I don’t see children with parasites or elderly people malnourished in Cuba…oh and now people walk their dogs…..feed them….Viva la revolucion!

  • Que bobada de comentarios, sea serio…

  • They also receive more than the Jews in the concentration camps, so we should support the dictatorship. However, it is less than what Cuban African slaves received in colonial times, so I think it will be better to go back to slavery.

  • Is this the goal? To live better than poor Mexicans in Tijuana? Wuujuuu! Viva la revolución!

  • That besides what they can buy on the market with pesos..more than poor people inTijuana

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