Putin’s L.A. Tour includes Cuba & World Cup Finals in Brazil

putin-petersburg3-24may2014-685x342HAVANA TIMES – Russian President Vladimir Putin will arrive in Havana on Friday as part of a Latin American tour that will culminate with his participation in the VI BRICS summit to be held in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, reported EFE.

In Cuba, the Russian leader will meet with his counterpart Raul Castro, to address projects in various fields of bilateral cooperation and investment, transport, civil aviation and energy sector, reported the Kremlin on Friday.

As part of the tour, Putin will travel to Buenos Aires, where he will meet with President Cristina Fernandez, with whom he will sign a series of documents to promote cooperation in the field of energy and trade.

The Russian president will also attend the final of the World Cup on July 13,  at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

2 thoughts on “Putin’s L.A. Tour includes Cuba & World Cup Finals in Brazil

  • Putin has the objective of making Russia a world power. As a former KGB officer he is well versed in both the counter-intelligence and intelligence methods of a communist state. His annexation of Crimea part of a neighbouring state is indicative both of his ambitions and lack of scruple or recognition of international law. He has a proven record of fomenting strife – Georgia being an example, and this is doubtless his purpose in visiting Cuba. As one lacking any indication of a sense of humour, he should make an excellent amigo for Diaz-Canel (has anyone a picture of him smiling?) and will doubtless take the opportunity to up-date Cuba’s intelligence methods and services with the objective of increased infilltration of US government and industry. The media will refrain from noting that despite Putin’s ambitions the GDP per head in Russia is only $10,440 with average annual inflation (2006-2011) of 10.00%. Life expectancy for men in Russia is a mere 63.3 years. So Putin is a comparitively old man – which should enable him to get along with little brother President Raul Castro Ruz and BIG brother Fidel Castro Ruz, respectively aged 83 and 87. Poland happily released from the former Russian dominated communist yoke, now has a GDP of $12,290 and men have a life expectancy of 72.2 years. Poland spends 5.1% of GDP on education, Russia 4.1%. Such is the measure of Putin’s autocratic system of government.

  • Good to see President Vladimir Putin being proactive in the appropriate areas.
    Hope he enjoys the World Cup!

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