R. Blades Presents CD, Praises Juanes

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, Aug. 18 – Panamanian salsa musician Ruben Blades has just released a new CD “Songs of Underdevelopment” which he dedicated to Puerto Rico and Cuba, which he said “has survived attacks from within and without.”

In presenting his new album, Blades also supported popular Columbian musician Juanes’ decision to give a peace concert in Havana on September 20.

Blades said: “Juanes is trying to do things from the heart, I don’t think he’s doing it for publicity,” reported listindiario.com.

The artist with seven Grammy awards to his credit said he recorded Songs of Underdevelopment” in the garage of my house in Los Angeles, California, playing almost all of the instruments.”  He further noted:   “The album is full of simple sounds that reflect Latin America’s popular music.”

Blades, a former presidential candidate, was Panama’s minister of tourism during the recently concluded term of Martin Torrijos.

The post led him to put off his album project that he actually began in 2003.  The musician begins a promotional tour for the CD on August 21 in Puerto Rico.

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