Rafael Correa and Fidel Chat in Havana

Rafael Corre y Fidel Castro. Photo: giron.co.cu

HAVANA TIMES — The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, met with Cuban leader Fidel Castro for a couple hours on Friday. One of his chief objectives in the visit was to obtain information on the Cuban health system, reported dpa news.

“Knowing I was coming to Havana, Fidel was kind enough to invite me to talk for a moment, and moments with Fidel are quite long” said Correa.

Although the details of the conversation were not made public, it was reported that the interview lasted over two hours. “It’s always an honor and it is always a pleasure to share with someone who is the living history of Latin America,” said Correa.

The Ecuadorian President also visited Cuban centers for children with special needs and assessed the progress of work being done with cooperation from Ecuador in different Cuban cities.

Correa also met with Cuban President Raul Castro at the Palace of the Revolution.