Rationed Protein Products in Havana (Feb. 17-23)

A “bodega” store where Cuban can purchase their rationed basic food items. Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — Besides their monthly quota of rice, sugar and a small amount of beans or chick peas, Havana residents also receive a monthly list of “protein products” with their ration booklet. Here is the official monthly distribution info for the period February 17-23.

CHICKEN: One pound for all consumers and for those persons under doctor’s orders. Distribution concludes in the municipalities of Habana del Este and Playa; distribution continues in Boyeros, Habana Vieja, Regla and begins in Marianao.

CHICKEN FOR BEEF: (For those under doctor’s orders): (1.33 lb  of chicken for 1 pound of beef, except those receiving basal formula who receive their beef): Distribution continues in Boyeros, Habana Vieja, Regla and begins in Marianao, Plaza, Playa and Centro Habana.

GROUND BEEF: (1 pound for children from 0 to 13 years): Conclude in Marianao. In the rest of the municipalities the ground beef will be substituted with a pound of chicken.

MORTADELLA (½ pound per consumer) : Distribution concludes in Cerro and Centro Habana, continues in San Miguel and Plaza and begins in Playa and Cotorro.

EGGS (5 for consumer and extra for those under doctor’s orders): Distribution concludes in Marianao and Arroyo Naranjo and continues in La Lisa, Cerro, Cotorro and Plaza.

CHICKEN for FISH (11 ounces per consumer plus 6 pounds of frozen fish with head and tail for those adults under doctor’s orders and for children’s diets from 0 to 18 as prescribed). Distribution in Playa, Cerro, La Lisa and Marianao.

Source: Empresa Provincial de Comercio La Habana

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One thought on “Rationed Protein Products in Havana (Feb. 17-23)

  • What does it mean when the notice says, “Distribution continues in Boyeros, Habana Vieja, Regla and begins in Marianao, Plaza, Playa and Centro Habana.”

    Are other regions not supplied with that particular product? If this is the weekly distribution today, what happens next week? No chicken in your district, but you get mortadella?

    The Castro regime is an utter failure at anything but staying in power. What a disgrace!

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