Rations for Havana Residents June 6-11

A neighborhood “bodega” store where Cubans purchase their rationed products.  Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – We present the list of protein products that Havana residents can buy with their ration booklets in their local bodega stores during the week of June 6-11.

The products are distributed by monthly on a rotating basis in the 15 municipalities of the capital. Residents also receive a quota of rice and sugar plus a small amount of beans or peas, salt, coffee and matches.

CHICKEN (1 lb for all consumers and medical diets, except children in Regla who will instead receive a pound of ground beef): Conclude in Diez de Octubre; Distribute in Playa, Arroyo Naranjo and Regla.

FLAVORED HASH (½ pound per consumer): Conclude in Boyeros.

MORTADELLA (½ pound per consumer): Conclude in Centro Habana; Distribute in Old Havana and La Lisa.

GROUND BEEF (1 lb. children up to 13 years). Conclude San Miguel; Distribute in Cerro and Centro Habana.

EGGS (5 per consumer and medical diets as applicable): Distribute in Habana del Este, Diez de Octubre, Boyeros and Playa.

FISH (6 pounds of frozen fish with head and tail for medical diets and special diets for children from 0 to 18): Conclude in Habana del Este, San Miguel and Cotorro; Distribute in Boyeros, Centro Habana, Marianao and Regla.

Source: Empresa Provincial de Comercio La Habana

2 thoughts on “Rations for Havana Residents June 6-11

  • I suggest that Diaz-Canal is a mere place holder for the real dauphin, Alejandro Castro. As the boss of the Ministry of the Interior, Castro Jr. controls the political police who are
    the fist of the regime.

  • Food for the fortunate few. It has taken fifty five years to achieve this level of Socialismo.

    How forrtunate the people of Cuba are to be protected from liberty, free speech and the standard of living associated with Capitalismo by their guardians. They can look forward to the system being maintained by Diaz-Canel, the personal selection of President Raul Castro Ruz. No need for elections, no need for free media, no need vto meet the UN definition of human rights. Socialismo provides everything for all.

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