Rations for Havana Residents: March 3-9

A Cuban ration booklet. Foto: Rene Bastiaassen

HAVANA TIMES — The following is the distribution list for rationed protein products in the city of Havana for the week March 3-9. The allotments are monthly and the distribution rotates around the capital’s 15 municipalities.

Havana residents also receive a monthly quota of rice, sugar and a small amount of beans or chick peas, matches, salt and soap.

CHICKEN (1 pound for consumers over 14 plus those on doctor’s orders). Distribution in Playa, Marianao and San Miguel.

SEASONED HASH (1/2 lb. per consumer) Distribution in Habana Vieja and Regla.

MORTADELA (½ pound per consumer) Distribution in Cotorro and Boyeros.

GROUND BEEF (1 pound per consumer under 14) Distribution in Diez de Octubre, Habana del Este, Cerro and begins in La Lisa.

EGGS (5 per consumer and medical diets as applicable): Distribution in  Guanabacoa, Habana del Este, Diez de Octubre.

CHICKEN for FISH (11 ounces per consumer plus 6 pounds of frozen fish with head and tail for those under doctor’s orders and children between 0 and 18).  Distribution in Playa, Cerro and La Lisa.

Source: Empresa Provincial de Comercio La Habana