Rattled Nerves in Santiago de Cuba

Thirty-seven earth tremors in eight days

Captura de imágen: www.sierramaestra.cu
Captura de imágen: www.sierramaestra.cu

HAVANA TIMES — Residents in Santiago De Cuba are growing weary of continuous earth tremors felt during the last eight days.

“The problem is that the tremors are showing a vacillating intensity,” a local resident told Havana Times. When we thought the intensity would have diminished it went up (like yesterday). By now we had expected that the possibility of a major earthquake would have decreased, but it has been just the opposite.

“On Tuesday we felt a tremor around five in the morning (it was a 4.4 quake on the Richter scale). As you can imagine one has to sleep lightly, ready to take precautions at a moment’s notice.”

On Monday five tremors, of intensities between 3.0 and 4.7, were felt in the afternoon and early evening reported Café Fuerte. The seismic activity was centered south of Santiago de Cuba and some were felt in the surrounding provinces of Guantanamo, Granma and even Holguín to the northeast.

The latest major earthquake in Santiago de Cuba took place on February 3, 1932.

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