Raul Castro and Machado Ventura to Lead Cuban Communists for Five More Years

Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, 85 and Raul Castro, 84, were confirmed to lead the Communist Party of Cuba for five more years.  Photo: Ismael Francisco/cubadebate.cu
Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, 85 and Raul Castro, 84, were confirmed to lead the Communist Party of Cuba for five more years. Photo: Ismael Francisco/cubadebate.cu

HAVANA TIMES — The Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) confirmed today Raul Castro as the top leader of the only political party permitted on the island, reported dpa.

With the announcement, Raul, 84, retains all his titles as general, president of the Councils of State and Ministers, and First Secretary of the Party.

Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, 85, was once again confirmed as the second secretary of the PCC by the 7th Congress which closes on Tuesday.  There had been speculation of a possible change for the post of Machado but instead he was confirmed for another five years until the next Congress when he will be 90.

Former President Fidel Castro, 89, attended the closing day of the closed door event at the Palace of Conventions in Havana. Although he is retired from power, the former president has great political influence on the island.

The PCC Congress concludes today after four days of meetings. As expected, the 1000 delegates unanimously supported the current political line of the Castro government.

21 thoughts on “Raul Castro and Machado Ventura to Lead Cuban Communists for Five More Years

  • I like his hair.

  • Fidel Castro? God-complex. Imagine that?

  • Various reports list the number of people who survived the arrival and subsequent gun fight at between 8 and 20. Eventually, the standard number was given as 12, which corresponds to the number of Christ’s disciples.

  • Do you think about what you write BEFORE you write it? Are you suggesting that the best eyes to be kept “on the ball” belong to these decrepit old men. Really?

  • I think one of the main reasons that the Party has decided to go for another five years with its current leadership is because it has its eyes and ears focused on the possibility of a Republican candidate becoming President in November. Even Hillary would likely not be friendly because of her history. The attitude to-ward Cuba came up recently during a Republican debate when it was suggested that if elected they would close the US Embassy in Havana, break off relations and negotiate a “better” deal for the US. Not a good time for the Cuban leadership to take their eyes off the ball. The threat coming from the North is still very real and persistent notwithstanding Obama’s recent overtures. I know this has got Moses all lathered up and frothing at the mouth but I can understand the thinking of the Cuban Government.

  • Hahaha! Si soy lo máximo. I’m just saying we really don’t know how many folks started the trip nor do we really know how many survived the battle once they arrived. The Castros lie…..a lot. Their ‘facts’ should be taken with a grain of salt.

  • Right. They really came by Soviet submarine, swathed in kevlar, and were airlifted to pico Turqino. Moses, eres el colmo.

  • Don’t believe everything that you have read about the Granma trip. There are eyewitness accounts that dispute the stories you listed.

  • Moses is secretly a Bernie Sanders admirer.

  • I think its the Cuban people ranting about the shortage of toilet paper. Whilst all you care about is treating the island as your private resort. Think about that when you use the bathroom tonight.

    ….by the way, why is it that socialist countries always run out of toilet paper?

  • The castro clan still manage to call the tune and orchestrate Cuba’s future. The Castro Clan/connection have managed over the years to Castrate Cuba and it’s people.

  • In 20 years? Wanna’ bet? I say no embargo and no socialism. But yes, Canadians who can’t afford real 5-star Caribbean holidays will continue to flock to Cuba. Only in 20 years, they will be an afterthought because of all the Americans pushing ’em around. By the way, the lack of toilet isn’t a problem for you? Interesting.

  • Check back in another 20 years. It will still be a Socialist Country although without its present leadership. And the US Government will still be talking about removing the blockade. Meanwhile us Canadians will still be able to enjoy our holidays on this beautiful island with its wonderful people. And Moses will still be ranting about the absence of a private sector and the shortage of toilet paper.

  • I believe you are right that real change will not come anytime soon despite the expectations of many foreigners for example Canadians like myself.

  • While I understand that you are drawing similarities between the Castros and the aged British House of Lords, the differences between the two are striking. Parliament is a deliberative and arguably representative body. The Castros are a dictatorship. The House of Lords are accountable to bad press and public shame. The Castros own the press and public criticism is illegal. As morbid as it seems, those hoping for positive change in Cuba will probably have to wait until the Castros die.

  • Yes. I’ve got to agree. They spend time putting in place rules to stop people staying in power after they are 60 and then stay for another 5 years themselves. The only benefit of having a House of Lords such as in the UK is that politicians can be nudged into retirement there yet still feel that they have influence and are doing something useful.

  • IC, spent some sanctioned moments as a 21 year old in Romania, 1971. That was big time cold war but have to tell you information was the key for change in Eastern Europe, via USSR. Cuba will have to expand it’s internet to accommodate the business class, especially hi-end hotels and that will be a major problem with the present day system in Cuba. Information will make this difference. Saw it too in the radical sixties with hundreds of radical underground newspapers. That’s what changed the US, big time, so the internet could perhaps do the same.

  • Regardless of your political leaning it is obvious to see that the Cuban repressive system can’t and won’t outlast the Castros. The octogenarian “historicos” are simply trying to live out their last days with the fiction that their system will continue beyond their death.

  • How about this qualification : sailing with 80 men across the Gulf of Mexico on an overloaded cabin cruiser. Being pinned down by a well armed battalion, watching 60+ of your comrades being decimated. Spending days without water hiding in a cane field. Facing enemy troops with airpower with escopetas… How many leaders like that can you name today, among all the Ivy League trained misleaders who have never held a gun or a shovel? And isn’t the fact that the Revolution still stands, despite all its warts, not a testament to, in part, an exceptional leadership ?

  • What colossal egos these two very old men must have. This decision to retain their leadership roles for another 5 years implies that that among the other 11 million Cubans, there is no one better qualified to do these jobs. What kind of odds could you get in Las Vegas that either of them will even live another 5 years? Of course this decision could also mean that the two top positions are such bullsh*t that even these decrepit old farts can do it. Either way, Castro sycophants take note: This is what is wrong with Cuba. The Castros and their cronies simply don’t know when to give up and give somebody else a turn at screwing over an entire country.

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