Raul Castro arrives in Chile for Summit

Logo_celacHAVANA TIMES — Cuban President Raul Castro arrived in Santiago de Chile on Friday afternoon to attend a meeting of the 33-member Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), which also includes a summit within the summit with the European Union.

On Monday, Cuba will take over the chair of CELAC, founded in 2010, currently in the hands of Chilean President Sebastian Piñera. Raul Castro will hold that post for one year.

Traveling with Castro are Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and Vice president Miguel Díaz Canel.


One thought on “Raul Castro arrives in Chile for Summit

  • The Cuban delegation will likely face open protesters who are angry that Cuba continues to provide safe haven for an accused assassin of a Chilean politician. This news item came to the surface last week as news regarding Cuba assuming the leadership of CELAC for the next term was published. Open, street protests is a new vibe for the Castros. The Cuban media has made no mention of the protest in local media as they intend to maintain the lie to the Cuban people that the whole world loves the Castros. It will be interesting to see if TeleSur will carry the story and if so, will ICRT allow it to be broadcast in Cuba. Cuba has already begun to spin the story as an effort by the Miami mafia to destabilize the summit and Cuba’s assumption of leadership.

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