Raul Castro Elated with Events in Venezuela

Raul Castro, Nicolas Maduro and Cilia Flores. File photo: cubadebate.cu

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban President Raul Castro expressed today his “immense revolutionary jubilation” over the results of the past elections to the National Constituent Assembly in Venezuela, local media reported.

“Undoubtedly, this process represents a valuable lesson that makes Venezuela a symbol for our continent,” the Cuban leader said in a letter to his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolas Maduro.

Raul Castro said the election of the Constituent Assembly demonstrates the “popular support” in a “clear and emphatic” way “to the legacy of El Libertador Simon Bolívar and President Hugo Chavez.”

“Experience shows that each act of terror raises the morale of the people, each aggression makes it stronger, each blow strengthens unity,” Castro said in his letter dated Aug. 6 but not previously broadcast in state media.

The Cuban president warns Nicolas Maduro that as a result of the holding of the elections to the Constituent Assembly “will come days of strong struggle, of international harassment, blockades, limitations.”

“You can count on Cubans in the front row of militant solidarity and more committed to your cause,” writes Castro.

Last Friday the Constituent Assembly was sworn in with the rejection of a large part of the international community.

The 545 elected members, all Maduro supporters, will draft a new Constitution.

20 thoughts on “Raul Castro Elated with Events in Venezuela

  • Trying to tie in all your disparate points is harder than playing a game of twister!

  • …not after we learn what a racist he really was.

  • Your comment is nuts. Please explain how the US is responsible for yet another failed socialist state.

  • Trump DOES represent about 25% of America. Another 5% are even worse than he is. This 30% has been there all along. Trump has just given them a voice. A little scary, huh?

  • Okey dokey

  • One doesn’t have to be KKK to detest communism Fidel Lleden, one only has to have concern for humanity and believe in freedom and liberty.
    You may be correct in saying that some “afroamericans love Castro.” But I can assure you that the same does not apply to black Cubans. I am qualified to express that view being related to well over sixty black Cubans and knowing dozens more.

  • It’s not about dead cats Mr MacD.
    It’s about a dead US citizen who had the courage to stand up against the fascist surge and two dead cops.
    It saddens me that the President of the USA will threaten Venezuela but refuses to condemn a fascist mob which caused (directly and indirectly) three deaths in Virginia.
    The unfortunate fact seems to be that his refusal to condemn fascism in the USA is because it’s adherents form an important part of his core support.
    It saddens me, but I cannot believe that trump is representative of the majority of people in his country. (Anymore than ol’ grandpappy Bush was when he made all that dough working for Nazi Germany).
    The USA and it’s people are infinitely better than that.

  • Maybe they spell it that way in Charlottetesville Nick.

  • 10 points out of 10 for imagination Nick. Few could manage to drag in so many dead cats in one contribution.

  • kkk don’t like communist,but afroamericans love Castro

  • It’s a misspelt putsch.

  • What’s a “putcsh”?

  • What we actually have is perhaps an ultra right wing putcsh occurring.
    They have a made considerable inroads across the American Continent.
    This would include Venezuela.
    And going by current reports, a good US Citizen in Charlottetsville has now paid the price for daring to take a stand against the big old ‘F’.
    All of this has been ushered in by a far right, KKK approved, nuclear war threatening White House occupant elected by a mere 26% of the electorate in the Land of The Free.
    I’m no big fan of Raul Castro….
    But from a pragmatic point of view he definitely holds the moral high ground at the moment in comparison to this white house fool………..
    Dunno about you from your point of view Mr P……
    But from a hopefully rational ‘outside-in’ point of view, someone really does need to get a serious grip in the great and big and beautiful USA!!!

  • Really? Your medication needs adjusting more or less

  • An opinion without any substantiation. Socialist administrations always seek to blame others for their inadequate policies. You MarkDonners typify those who protest when Socialism fails and exposes that dominating desire for power and control no matter what the cost for those they seek to sujugate.
    If you had any knowledge of Hilter and the Second World War, you would not have made your idiotic comparison. Trump(f) whilst obviously narcissitic, cannot be fairly compared with Hitler. Only two people in modern history killed more people than Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong. HItler was a National Socialist, and Stalin and Mao, Communists.

  • Rebelion is not over in Venezuela. The hard left is not as popular in South America as when it was helping to topple the hard right back in the day. These are end of days for these failed hard left economic models. Things that do not work, end. Cuba without a Fidel is a miserable economic wasteland lacking even Fidel’s story telling of the promise of future times. Maduro will brought down from within his own government.

  • It’s the US that’s been responsible for the chaotic state of Venezuela’s economy. Venezuela is being carefully attacked to seize its oil, using the same covert methods the US has always used for decades in South America. And Trump is a psychotic dictator no different (actually worse) than Hitler. He wants Venezuela’s oil badly.

  • Birds of a feather, flock together.

  • What else could one possibly expect from Raul Castro but praise for a would-be dictator whose ambitions are based upon the success as he sees it of the brothers Castro.
    Hugo Chavez in his own words, regarded Fidel Castro “as like a father” and faithfully copied his economic policies. The consequences were that during the period of 2008-2013, average inflation was 28.5% with in 2013 a world leading figure of 40.7% this during the period of high oil prices. By 2015 inflation had reached 62.2%.
    Maduro however has not merely emulated Hugo’s achievements, but excelled them. Inflation in 2017 is widely expected to reach over 1,000%.Raul pinned the Jose Marti Medal on Maduro’s ample girth on March 18th 2016 just four days prior to President Barack Obama’s arrival, demonstrating his admiration for Maduro’s methods, but insulting the memory of the Apostle of Cuba.
    Dictatorship breeds dictators and only the inebriated or inadequate could not perceive that as Maduro’s objective.
    Raul has another motivation, Cuba and Venezuela share the headquarters of CELAC (The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) the membership of which includes many countries which are justifiably critical of Maduro’s actions. Maduro needs all the support he can get and Raul has to pay for that cheap oil.
    There is one chink of amusement to be had in Raul stating that Maduro has demonstrated “popular support in a clear and emphatic way”. Even although as the outside world recognizing, that such claim is false, it is something that the Castros have failed to achieve in fifty eight years. There is nothing that communists fear more than open free elections and freedom of expression.

  • Mind boggling.

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