Raul Castro Kicks Off Cuba’s Military Maneuvers

bastion-2016HAVANA TIMES – Cuban General/President Raul Castro ordered the beginning today of the “Bastion 2016” military exercises, which for three days will seek to increase “the level of preparedness at all levels,” dpa news reported.

The main purpose of the “Bastion” exercise is to “prepare the country for dangers, threats and risks to its sovereignty,” repeated local media reports.

The maneuvers were created in 1980, after the election of Ronald Reagan, and since then there have been seven military exercises of this type.

“Bastion” follows the Cuban military doctrine of “the war of the whole people” to “strengthen the invulnerability of the country,” state television said.

The announcement of “Bastion 2016” coincided with the election of Donald Trump as president, which some analysts interpreted as a response, something denied by the official press.

The eastern province of Guantanamo was excluded from military maneuvers so that the Armed Forces continue to recover from the severe damage caused by Hurricane Matthew last October.

5 thoughts on “Raul Castro Kicks Off Cuba’s Military Maneuvers

  • In as much as there is no way to know what is really behind the decrepit thinking of the Castros, let’s agree to disagree. By the way, you know the smoking rule: puff, puff, pass.

  • I suppose you could also look up in the sky and see Fidel’s face in the clouds if you wanted to as well. No doubt you have an overly-active imagination. Moses, it’s a given that every other country in the world would likely not stand a chance against a legitimate US invasion, but that shouldn’t impede any country from excising their right to possess their own militarily and also conduct their own military exercises to prepare for any eventuality. Unfortunately, you would rather wildly speculate that Cuba’s military is not training to protect the legitimate sovereignty of Cuba and it’s population. Have you forgotten that your government is still at war with Cuba? Whatever you’re smoking, I’d like a hit of that too.

  • You may not like the FACT that the Castros continue in power today through intimidation rather than popular support but it does not make it any less true. Military exercises are useful in demonstrating to the Cuban people that an anti-Castro insurgency will not be tolerated. Surely you do not believe that a Castro army stands a chance against a legitimate US invasion?

  • And I’ll “correctly” point out that Griffin’s comment (and your obvious delusion too) is nothing more than gratuitous speculation and utter BS…as is typical of the negative drivel from the two of you on a regular basis. Prove me wrong… you can’t. Moses, should we also consider the same to be true when the US launches military exercises within the US too? That would be just as equally ludicrous. Both of you… give your heads a shake.

  • As frequent HT commenter Griffin correctly pointed out in an earlier post, these military exercises are intended to intimidate the Cuban people and suppress any nascent idea of an internal uprising.

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