Raúl Castro Tells Ministers to Listen to the Population

HAVANA TIMES, Feb. 1 — Cuban President Raúl Castro urged the members of the Council of Ministers to take into consideration the population’s opinions regarding the new measures being taken by the government as part of the plan for the “updating” of the island’s economic system, reported IPS.

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3 thoughts on “Raúl Castro Tells Ministers to Listen to the Population

  • It’s so simple, it’s maddening. All the PCC has to do is apply the lessons of the Mondragon cooperatives, and Cuban socialism would overcome all problems.

  • And what if Raul and the boys (I don’t imagine there are many women) don’t like the answers? Will they revise their plans? All of this of course assumes that people will not be reluctant to say what they genuinely think. Where will they meet with the newly unemployed in order to hear what they have to say?

  • Should the Council of Ministers ask Larry, Curly and Moe what socialism is, and how to build it?

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