Raul Castro Visits Evo Morales in a Havana Hospital

Bruno Rodriguez and Raul Castro visit Evo Morales at a hospital in Havana where he is being treated.  Foto: twitter.com

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban President Raul Castro and his Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez visited Bolivian President Evo Morales on Saturday at a hospital in Havana where he is recovering from a viral disease, reportó dpa.

The Bolivian Minister of Communication, Gisela López, informed the state radio station Patria Nueva today that the “fraternal meeting between the two leaders” of the region lasted half an hour.

In support of the report, the Bolivian authority disclosed through its official accounts in social networks the photograph of the meeting.

The Minister of the Presidency, René Martinez, explained to the journalists that Morales’ illness was “treated properly, so that he could overcome it.” He suffered from an internal virus, sinusitis and problems in the vocal cords.

With this clinical picture, on March 1, Morales was suddenly transferred to Cuba, where he underwent several tests that ruled out other complications, said VP Alvaro Garcia Linera on Saturday.

Morales could return to his activities on Wednesday, March 8, according to Garcia Linera, although the head of state himself anticipated his intention to go to Venezuela on Sunday for the tributes to Hugo Chavez on the fourth anniversary of his death.

2 thoughts on “Raul Castro Visits Evo Morales in a Havana Hospital

  • Bolivia is a socialist society that demonstrates all that is good about democratic socialism, and is an inspiration to the world. Long Live the People of Bolivia.

  • Among the cabal of leftist Latin American regimes, Bolivia is a relative success story. The reason is simple, relative to the failed Castro regime in Cuba and Chavez/Maduro in Venezuela, Bolivia maintains a free market, an independent press, and political freedoms.

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