Rebellion Urged in Honduras

HAVANA TIMES, June 30 — Several of the presidents of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) called on the people of Honduras to rebel against the coup d’etat that toppled President Manuel Zelaya early Sunday, reported the press in Managua, where this regional bloc is holding a special Summit.

“The young soldiers and officers non-committed to the oligarchy have no reason to obey illegal orders, and that is why they should rebel against those corrupt leaders of the armed forces,” said Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez is heading the Cuban delegation to the ALBA and Rio Group meetings in Managua, reported IPS.

Meanwhile in Havana, former Cuban President Fidel Castro said that “there should be no negotiations with the [Honduran] high command.” Fidel maintained that “demands should be made for them to resign and for other officers who are younger and non-committed with the oligarchy to take over the military command.”

2 thoughts on “Rebellion Urged in Honduras

  • We also must remember that the Honduran people are not Nicaruguans or Guatemalens. The Hondurans are a very quite, non agressive people who have not know a lot of political upheaval. I work with mpreference is to struggle non violently for change.any who are great people and scared to death for those they have left behind.
    I attended a meeting with some of my co-workers and the meeting was about non-violent confrontation in thier homeland. i agree with proactive vs reactive intervention.

  • As a Cuban who has watched Fidel over many yrs as he analyzes and thinks things out. In retrospect, i am not as much amazed by his longevity and continued leadership as i am of the way in which he does what he does.
    Trust me Honduras, is seeking ElCommandantes ear as to thier next move..So i have 3 words and only 3 words..PROACTIVE VS REACTIVE

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