Record low temperatures in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 16 – A total of 31 meteorological stations in Cuba registered record minimum temperatures early Wednesday for the month of December, said the Cuban Meteorology Institute. The marked descent is due to a “continental mass of dry and cold Arctic air” that will extend to the entire island, reported IPS.

Lows included a record low temperature of 1.9 Celsius (36 Fahrenheit) in Colon, Matanzas, Indio Hatuey, with 2.0; Bainoa, 2.5; Aguada de Pasajeros, 2.7; Jagüey Grande, 2.8; Unión de Reyes, 3.2; Tapaste, 3.4; Melena del Sur y Santo Domingo, 3.6; Playa Girón y Jovellanos, 3.7; Santa Cruz del Sur, 4.0; Ciego de Ávila, 4.1; Esmeralda y Cienfuegos, 4.5; Güines, 4.6; Batabanó, 4.7; y Santa Clara, 5.0.

También sobresalen las de 5.7 en Trinidad; 7.2, en Veguitas; 7.8, en Guáimaro; 8.0, en La Jíquima (Holguín); y 8.8, en Manzanillo.  In Havana, the temperature hit 12.1 Celsius (54 F), but a cold wind made it seem much colder.

The Cuban Meteorological Institute INSMET notes that the all-time low recorded for Cuba was registered in Bainoa in Havana Province, on February 18, 1996.

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