Richardson Sees US-Cuba Embargo Talks

La Terraza Restaurant in Havana, Cuba.  Photo: Caridad
La Terraza Restaurant in Havana, Cuba. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 3 – Fresh off his week long visit to Havana, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson sees negotiations taking place in 2010 between the United States and Cuba on the lifting of the nearly 50-year economic embargo Washington has maintained against the island.

Richardson, who said he would make a report to Obama on his trip that included meetings with high-ranking Cuban authorities, also told CNN that Cuba needs to make reciprocal gestures of opening to those of President Obama.

In April, Obama issued an order allowing Cuban-Americans to travel freely to Cuba and send money to relatives. Nonetheless, the travel ban on ordinary US citizens is still in force as is the embargo that seeks to hurt the island’s already struggling economy.

4 thoughts on “Richardson Sees US-Cuba Embargo Talks

  • From the Wsshington Note
    Aug 3 2009

    First of all, Bill Richardson is the right guy to upend the institutional inertia at the Department of State and the House Foreign Affairs Committee in charting a new, more constructive course in US-Cuba relations. He gets this issue better than any other major player in US politics and made this clear as well during the presidential debates and his campaign for the White House.

    His modest statement that America did not need a “special envoy” — and did not need him — for this challenge is incorrect.

    Nothing at all of consequence has happened with this review. There is no broad re-assessment of opportunities and challenges in the US-Cuba relationship, nor a new assessment of what was achieved or not regionally and internationally from Obama


  • LAST
    All others..check your motives for wanting to visit or live in Cuba..We are more than the 3 b’s..We also are a force to be recognized and we can do it all..Cuba will not return to the whore house of El lindo Mulatto or renta a whore days of pre 59 Cuba..

  • i also support positive dialo where Cubans have a say and not just those living in Miami.
    i would support business people elsewhere who may have interest in doing like wise in Cuba. Do i want our own people to do the same..Sure however, i would like those who have fought the revolution tooth and nail to stay where they are. Forget returning..u built Miami with its oppressive nature..stay there!
    My opinion is that those who have supported Castro from near or far should get the first dibs at returning and helping to rebuild..In fact those like my own family, who were forced to depart so we could help others ..We should have the WELCOME MAT extended to return before anyone else esp an outsider if we choose..I CHOSE!!
    Cubans. have as much bus savvy as anyone in fact..Like Gov Richardson, i own horses and have a small ranch where i raise horses as well as use this anumal a teaching tool.. for children. i am an Abrogado and reg nurse who would love to teach and bring my skills home.

  • . Richardson urges Cuba to act, “especially in the humanitarian area,” and wants both Washington and Havana to ease travel restrictions. “Normalizing relations is going to take time, it is a complicated thing and there are a lot of issues to address…It will take time, but we have to do it,” he said.

    . Richardson said that the United States has suggested that the two governments drop restrictions on their diplomats’ movements, and he urged Cuban officials to agree to the idea.

    i am personally hopeful about Gov Richardsons talks with the Castro Adm. I am pleased be cause who better than a Spanish speaker who is a Hispanic to better find the willingness to speak truth to power?
    After several trips back i have come to the conclusion that Cuba needs help from others
    I submit to the fact that there must be transformation vs change However i still believe that we as Cubans have already given up so much in the 50 yrs since we as Cubans were allowed to live our own humanity.

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