Richardson to Obama: Allow Cuba Travel

HAVANA TIMES, Aug. 27 – The U.S. government should lift all the travel to Cuba restrictions for its citizens, affirmed Bill Richardson, governor of the state of New Mexico, who is on a visit to the island.   Richardson has met with the Caribbean country’s political and business sector authorities, reported IPS.

Gov. Richardson has made it clear he is not an official envoy of the (Obama) administration and is “visiting Cuba as a governor seeking agricultural trade.”

However, he told AP that he would make a report on his trip.  “Obviously I do plan to submit my impressions to the administration after I conclude,” he added. “I will do that as a citizen and as a governor. They’re my impressions alone.”

Richardson is expected to return to the United States on Friday.

4 thoughts on “Richardson to Obama: Allow Cuba Travel

  • What a mistake it would be if Cuba allowed Americans to start trashing such a beautiful Island and making every attempt to turn it into another of their ‘ playgrounds ‘ again.
    It’s one place that I can feel is an ‘ American Free Zone ‘, and I shall continue to visit whilst it remains so.
    Before you know it, the’ll want to change Guantanamo into an Air Force Base, then what?

  • The best chance for the US and Cuba to normalize relations is now. With President Obama at the helm, it will eventually get done and it will be cool! Cuba is a wonderful nation. It has so much to offer, and I think Cubans will enjoy getting to know their northern neighbors just as much as we Americans wait in anticipation to become their new friends. Many thanks to Governor Richardson for his work on behalf of all humanity.

    Let’s get ‘er done, and soon!

  • I am an American, and have never read any bad press about Cuba. Quite the opposite: many friends have been there and loved it, the music, the people, the unspoiled landscape. Very few Americans think there is any good reason for the embargo. Tell me how I can spend 6 months a year there and I will do it !

  • Many years ago my parents spent two weeks in Cuba on vacation and when they returned to Canada they told me that i should spend my vacation there as well.They talked about the friendly people, the beautiful beaches etc..I had read many things about Cuba in the press and i told my parents that because of what i had read in the press i would not be going.As it turns out ,many years later i did go to Cuba and for the last ten years i have spent six months of the year in this beautiful country.Much of the information that we receive by way of the press about Cuba is not true.I know many people in this beautiful country from doctors teachers,policemen and i ask many questions.People are not afraid to voice their opinion,they are no different than we are,they complain about the high cost of every day needs etc..I think if Americans were allowed to travel freely they would see how they have been lied to.Maybe this is why they have not had the freedom to travel to cuba.

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