Rights Groups Denounce FIFA for Banning Displays of LGBTQ+ Pride at World Cup

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – Human rights groups are denouncing the international soccer federation FIFA for ordering a ban on any display of support for LGBTQ+ rights by players during the World Cup in Qatar. On Monday, FIFA said it would issue “yellow cards” to any players displaying rainbow-colored armbands in support of the OneLove anti-discrimination campaign. The head of Germany’s soccer association joined players, coaches and fans in denouncing FIFA’s decision.

Bernd Neuendorf: ”FIFA has today prohibited a statement in favor of diversity and human rights. These are values to which it commits itself in its own statutes. This is more than frustrating from our point of view, and also an unprecedented event in the history of the World Cup, I believe.”

Meanwhile, Iran’s national soccer team refused to sing the Iranian national anthem ahead of its opening match against England Monday in a silent gesture of solidarity with anti-government protesters in Iran.

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