Russia to Help Modernize Cuba’s Weapons

Sergei Shoigu
Sergei Shoigu

HAVANA TIMES — During a meeting Friday with Ricardo Cabrisas, one of Cuba’s vice presidents, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Moscow is ready to renew the weaponry of the Cuban army.

“We are ready to continue working with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba to provide modern weapons and military equipment,” said the Russian minister, reported Ria Novosti.

“We have extensive experience in training of Cuban personnel in different educational institutions. We hope to continue this tradition and expand our cooperation in the field of training, “noted Shoigu.

The basing of Soviet nuclear missiles on Cuban territory in October 1962 led to an acute crisis with the United States that almost led to a World War III.

One thought on “Russia to Help Modernize Cuba’s Weapons

  • How farcical it all is, Putin’s Russia talking of supplying modern weapons and military equipment to a country that cannot even maintain the supply of cheese, butter, margarine, beer and toilet paper to its citizens through the military owned shops. Of course Putin wants to sell weapons as Russia is the largest exporter of arms in the world ($828,300,000 in 2013). In our town in Cuba there was no cheese, butter or margarine available in any of the government (actually military) shops from the beginning of March until I left at the end of April. Chicken was in short supply, but fortunately the mangoes were early this year.
    Cuba acted as a military satellite for the USSR (read Russia) in thirteen countries including supplying tank drivers for Syria’s invasion of Israel in the Yum Kippur war, so what’s new?
    Maduro’s position in Venezuela is shaky and Cuba needs to find another potential Sugar Daddy to potentially replace the Venezuelan support and Russia has its previous experience. Who knows, those bridges leading to nowhere that span the Russian built autopista might actually be attached to roads!

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