The Lourdes spying center. Photo:
The Lourdes spying center. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Russia will reopen its electronic spying center in Cuba as the island once again assists its old ally in its renewed dispute with the United States, reports the EFE news agency.

The agreement to make Cuba an outpost in Russian spying on the USA was reached during the visit Friday July 11th of President Vladimir Putin to Havana, EFE quotes the Russian daily Kommersant.

The Lourdes base was closed 13 years ago due to the economic crunch in Russia at that time and the repeated requests from the United States.

“Our relations (with the US) deteriorated considerably well before the crisis in the Ukraine. In reality, they never really improved, except for some specific periods which have been the exception to the rule,” said a senior Russian official to explain the revived interest of Moscow to monitor communications from Washington.

The Russian parliament recently pardoned 90% of Cuba’s 38.5 billion dollar debt dating back to the now defunct Soviet Union.
Editors Note: The following day Russian  President Vladimir Putin says the base will not be reopened


14 thoughts on “Russia to Reopen Spy Center in Cuba

  • You make a good point about the negative aspects of the US-Cuba relationship, which are perhaps of greater significance than the positive. Still, the total impact of the US, for good and bad, makes the USA Cuba’s most important neighbour. Russia is an offset, but not a replacement.

  • Kevin, the proposals you make would only penalise the suffering people of Cuba. They would not affect the comforts of the Castro Ruz family one iota.
    What you are suggesting is to ramp up the anti-them actions of the US thus fortifying the suspicions that many of the allies already have about US policies. The US has got enough problems already with the incompetent CIA – example the relationship with Germany which has just chucked out the Head of the CIA in Germany. Look where a mistaken policy of fire power took the US in Vietnam. They were advised in the late fifties to use the methods successfully used by the British in the ten year long Malayan campaign, but instead used their much vaunted “fire power” . Sixty eight thousand American lives later they lost. The real battle is for the hearts and minds of people and knee-jerk reaction to use force as the answer is not usually successful. The US cannot stop Putin’s Russia from establishing a naval base in Cuba, nor can it prevent Russia from having a joint air base with Argentina to meddle in the Antarctic. Although I am totaly opposed to the Castro regime

  • Yeah because obviously the NSA is the only one who conducts cyber espionage. It’s not like China and Russia also do the same exact things.

  • Any and all talks we are now holding with Cuba should end indefinitely until Cuba decides to stop being a pawn for Russia. Any and all trade with Cuba should also end indefinitely including any food or medical supplies we send them. Let them pay an arm and a leg to get that stuff from Russia. We should also increase spying on Cuba drastically. Then we should begin talks to build a modern missile defense system in eastern Europe targeted at Russia in response to this brazen anti-American act.

  • Perhaps this can help to offset the Global spying done to all of us by the NSA. Or if not at least it shows not everyone is willing to roll over and let America sodomize them.

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