Thousands of Homes Damaged in Holguin

HAVANA TIMES – The northeastern Cuban province of Holguin has once again been severely beaten by a hurricane. Preliminary data shows at least 17,000 thousand homes were damaged by the passing of Hurricane Sandy early Thursday.

Many families were left with damaged roofs reported the National Information Agency, noting that there was reconstruction from the devastating Hurricane Ike (2008) still pending.

The most affected municipalities were Mayari, Banes, Antilla, Rafael Freyre, Báguano, Urbano Noris, Sagua de Tánamo and Cueto.

The government has yet to publish any data on the damage caused in the province of Santiago de Cuba, where Sandy entered Cuban territory.

At least eleven persons died as a result of hurricane Sandy, the causes of each, including collapsed homes and fallen trees, are still being investigated.