Santiago de Cuba Telephones at 99%

HAVANA TIMES – The telephone system in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba is restored to 99%, after being severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy at the end of October, reported the Cuban Information Agency.

Edilberto Rodriguez, director of the Telecommunications Company SA in the territory, said Monday in a meeting with the press that the firm is planning to launch a network standardization in January 2013.

He said the investment so far has employed about two million dollars, and is coupled with the modernization of technology more than 60 years old, with the location of new networks and the laying of fiber optic cable in areas where the hurricane collapsed the entire system.

One thought on “Santiago de Cuba Telephones at 99%

  • So what are the actual numbers?? 99% of what? Since Santiago de Cuba is one of the most neglected part of the island it must be a very low number of lines!
    WIKIPEDIA: Telecommunications in Cuba
    Telephones – main lines in use: 1.2 million, 72nd in the world, less than 10 per 100 inhabitants (2009)

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