Scenes on Venezuela’s Borders ‘Disgraceful’ says UN Rights Commissioner

Venezuelan forces blocking humanitarian aid Saturday on the Simon Bolivar bridge betwewen Colombia and its neighbor.

HAVANA TIMES – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Sunday condemned the “excessive use of force” by Venezuelan security forces after deadly clashes erupted on the borders with Colombia and Brazil, reported dpa news.

“People have been shot and killed, others have reportedly received wounds from which they will never completely recover, including losing eyes,” said Bachelet.

“These are disgraceful scenes. The Venezuelan government must stop its forces from using excessive force against unarmed protesters and ordinary citizens.”

Venezuela’s US-backed opposition on Saturday was met with strong resistance from the country’s army as it tried to bring humanitarian aid from Colombia and Brazil into the country, with at least four people reported killed and dozens injured.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido is trying to bring aid to hundreds of thousands of people who he says are in urgent need of food and medicine. President Nicolas Maduro however regards the aid as a US plot to topple him and does not want to let it through.

Bachelet denounced the involvement in the unrest of “armed pro-government elements” attacking demonstrators, urging President Nicolas Maduro’s government “to rein in these groups and arrest those among them who have used force against protesters.”

“The use of proxy forces has a long and sinister history in the region, and it is very alarming to see them operating openly in this way in Venezuela. The Government can, and must, stop them from exacerbating an already highly inflammable situation,” Bachelet said according to a UN Human Rights statement.

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