Science for Development

HAVANA TIMES, July 27 – Cuba has 220 science and technology centers, an institutional foundation that has allowed it to achieve transcendental results such as the Va-Mengoc-BC vaccine, the first and only effective one in the world against group B meningococcus, winner of the Gold Medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Fernando González, first deputy minister of science, technology and the environment, said that the fundamental pillar of national scientific policy is the cooperation and integration of all the institutions, which includes the application and generalization of the achievements in the country, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Science for Development

  • Socialist governments should not be proud of being honored by the likes of the über-imperialist “World Intellectual Property Organization”. Perhaps some cubans do not understand the central rôle of “intellectual property rights” in the capitalist mode of labor exploitation and expropriation.

    Socialist science has no need of the approval of the World’s exploiters and their agents. What matters is the approval of scientists’ peers and a grateful World citizenry.

  • we can do it all!

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