Scientist Rebellion: Climate Protesters Glue Themselves to Volkswagen Exhibition

Photo: @ScientistRebel

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Germany, nine climate activists with the group Scientist Rebellion have staged a nonviolent civil disobedience protest at the showroom of a Volkswagen factory in the city of Wolfsburg. On Wednesday, protesters glued scientific research papers to different models of Porsches on display, and they used superglue to attach themselves to the floor. Protester Gianluca Grimalda said the auto industry is responsible for some 12% of Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions. His group wants Germany to reinstate a program making public transit more affordable, and they’re demanding a speed limit on Germany’s Autobahn highway system.

Gianluca Grimalda: “We are here because we know, as scientists, that there is a clear connection between the amount of CO2 emissions and the increase in temperatures. And we have already seen that now with only 1.2 temperature increase since the preindustrial level, we are observing famines, floods, droughts and many other extreme weather events. We know that that is the cause, and we know that we must stop CO2 emissions. We know that we must decarbonize.” 

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