Sculptures and Drawings by Tony Cragg in Cuba

By Maya Quiroga

Yellow by Tony Cragg

HAVANA TIMES – Tony Cragg, an important English sculptor living in Germany, traveled to Havana to open his personal exhibition: Toni Cragg. Sculptures and drawings, at the National Fine Arts Museum.

The exhibition, organized jointly by the Lugwig Museum in Koblenz, Germany’s Geuer and Geuer Art and the German embassy in Cuba, consists of 47 pieces, 31 sculptures and 16 drawings by this artist who is part of the avant-garde.

The exhibition consists of a tour of Cragg’s work from the late 70’s to 2015. According to the curator, Oscar Antuña, the intention is to approach sculpture as his fundamental activity and as a definitive expression of its projects.

German Art by Tony Cragg

From the focus of minimalist and conceptual art he developed his first works, from industrial objects or the world of laboratories. After he collected them, he placed them in new environments and groups to give them new meanings.

He has also developed an extensive exploration of shapes and surfaces, experimenting with traditional materials such as wood, stone, metal, rubber and plastic, to which he has incorporated other novelties such as Kevlar, a material used for the manufacture of bulletproof vests.

Tony Cragg’s sculptures and drawings will be open to the public until June 12. To visit it constitutes a unique opportunity for art critics, artists and art students and the general public.

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