Serenade for Fidel Castro’s 85th

Fidel Castro with Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro in June 2011.

HAVANA TIMES, August 12 — The top news story today in the Cuban media is that a gala serenade takes place tonight at Havana’s 5,000-seat Karl Marx Theater on the eve of Fidel Castro’s 85th birthday on Saturday.

A concert involving singers and musical groups from nine countries:  Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and Cuba, responded to an announcement by the foundation created by the late famous Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamín, noted Granma newspaper.

Fidel now acts as the country’s senior statesman and chief advisor to his brother President Raul Castro, who took over the helm back in August 2006.



2 thoughts on “Serenade for Fidel Castro’s 85th

  • Yes, Viva Fidel! It’s a shame however that the serenade is being held at a theater bearing the name of Karl Marx. Marx was the more egotistical member of the duo who injected state monopolism into the socialist movement in order to destroy its cooperative orientation. State monopoly is what has led to the dysfunction of the Cuban socialist mode of production and has discredited socialism is the eyes of the peoples of the world.

  • ¡Viva Fidel!
    ¡Viva Cuba socialista!

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