Singer Carlos Varela Reaches Milestone

HAVANA TIMES — Popular Cuban singer Carlos Varela will give two concerts in January to celebrate his 30 years of artistic life, reported the website Suena Cubano.

One of the performances will have as its main objective the recording of the first DVD by the singer of “Guillermo Tell,” while his second performance will be staged at the Avellaneda Hall in the National Theatre and will be open to the public.

“I think that during the second week of January I’ll celebrate not only my career, but it will also be a tribute to my generation. It will be for my many friends who are no longer here and others who are. That’s what I’ll sing about, the things I’ve gained and the things I’ve lost,” said Varela.

The troubadour will play some songs with arrangements by famed musician Aldo Lopez-Gavilan, and the show will feature such international artists as Jackson Browne from the US, Brazilian singer Ivan Lins, Nicaraguan artist Luis Enrique and Puerto Rican musician Eduardo Cabra.

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  • I just wrote to the website of Carlos Varela: to ask if they have an answer. We’ll get back to you if they respond. The editor

  • What can I do to arrange for a ticket from outside Cuba? I would love to attend the concert but need, date, time and a means to buy a ticket. Thanks

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