Some Skepticism on Changes in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, July 19 — Representatives of several European countries expressed their skepticism about the changes in Cuba after the release of the political prisoners, and the need to change the Common Position toward the island next September, reported IPS, quoting Spain’s El País daily.

Spain, the principal promoter of a modification of that position in force since 1996, is facing the opposition of the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and France, which prefer to maintain a more closed approach to Cuba.

One thought on “Some Skepticism on Changes in Cuba

  • Worrying about what these capitalist stooges think about cuban socialism is like socialists being bothered at being accused by the Mafia for not respecting religion and the Catholic Church. These meddlesome euro-busybodies can blow their “concerns” out their asses, AFAIC. Let them attend to their own deteriorating state of democratic affairs. Ditto for the nosy north americans.

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