Spain Echoes US Demands on Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, April 12 — When Spanish President Zapatero took office, —like when US President Barack Obama did the same— hopes were raised for a normalization of relations between Cuba and the European Union (headed in the first semester of 2010 by Spain) and with the United States.

Today both those governments have poured cold water on such hopes, joining together to demand that Cuba release what they consider political prisoners and respect human rights.  Meanwhile, neither Spain nor the US permits other countries to interfere in their internal affairs.

First on Friday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton actually blamed Cuba for the continuation of Washington’s half century economic blockade on the island.  Then, in an interview published  by Spain’s El Pais daily, First Vice President Maria Teresa Fernandez seconded Clinton’s demands on Cuba.

3 thoughts on “Spain Echoes US Demands on Cuba

  • Mr Walter Lippman, Zapatero is another lackey of imperialism and he is licking Obama’s boots more than any other head of state. His socialist government has nothing to do with true socialism.

  • Hugo Chávez demonstrates the confused, eclectic nature of his socialism when, in the pressing interests of realpolitik survival 4 his “Bolivarian Revolution” in Venezuela, he has embraced as ‘fellow socialists’ the presidents & prime ministers of various ‘de facto’ bourgeois countries — not least of which is the very bourgeois leadership of the so-called “socialist” government of España. In any case, we all know what the ‘king’ of España thinks of Hugo Chávez…

    If the PSUV is 2 develop into a real socialist party worthy of the name — & not just remain ‘social-democrat’ like all these other phony Left parties — it must make common cause Internationally with the working-class organizations of these countries, & not with the various political elites — as Chávez has 2 often done up 2 now. If such relationships were made crystal clear 2 the masses Worldwide, sleazy politicos like Zapatero & Co. could never get the traction 2 go after Cuba in so impudent a manner as…

  • Have you got a URL for the EL PAIS article you mention here? You don’t provide any quotations to back up your assertions. In general, Spain has had a much more favorable attitude toward Cuba since Zapatero replaced Aznar.

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