Spain’s Popular Party Concerned about Carromero

HAVANA TIMES — Beatriz Jurado, the national president of Nuevas Generaciones, of the Spanish Partido Popular (Popular Party), on Wednesday described the situation of their member Angel Carromero as “very difficult.” He remains under arrest for his involvement in fatal traffic accident and is being held at the “100th and Aldabo street” State Security center in capital, reports the EFE news agency.

Jurado hopes that her associate “can have a clear and transparent legal proceeding in which we can defend him,” he said at a news conference. He added that he has “deep” trust in the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because it is making “an extremely important effort.”

The Swedish Christian Democratic Party said yesterday that Jens Aron Modig (who was also a passenger in the car but is now back in Sweden) “cannot answer any questions tomorrow due to the judicial process taking place in Cuba,” referring to Carromero’s situation. The island government’s decision to formally charge the Spaniard is pending.

Meanwhile, the youth organization of the Partido Popular is hoping that the Cuban government issues “official notifications as soon as possible” and Jurado expressed her hope that Carromero would return to Spain as soon as possible.

The Spaniard was driving the car carrying the Cuban dissidents Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero, both of the Christian Liberation Movement, who died in the fatal traffic accident last month.

The official report points to the high speed the car was traveling (75 mph) on a stretch of dirt/gravel road when the driver lost control and hit a tree.