Special Envoy of Iranian President Visiting Cuba

HAVANA TIMES — The vice president for International Relations of Iran, Ali Salidlo, a special envoy of that country’s president, is in Havana to meet with Cuban leaders.

The article, published on the website of Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reports only that “the distinguished visitor will meet with Cuban leaders and take part in other activities.”

Another Iranian envoy made a similar official visit in May of last year to the island to meet with Cuban First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura.

Cuba is one of the many Third World countries that has supported that country’s efforts to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes

One thought on “Special Envoy of Iranian President Visiting Cuba

  • Oran’s nuclear program is not for peaceful purposes. One must ask, what is the basis of the “friendship” between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Castro dictatorship of Cuba?

    As we read this report, Iranian soldiers of the IIRG are in Syria helping the dictator Bashir al-Assad (another friend of Cuba’s) to slaughter the Syrian people.

    Why would Cuba maintain such warm relations with two of the world’s most odious regimes?

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