Strong Drought in Guantanamo, Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, April 5 — The acute drought in the eastern province of Guantánamo could endanger agriculture in that region, the farthest away from the Cuban capital, reported IPS.  In the first quarter of this year only 40 percent of the historic average rainfall has fallen for that period.

One thought on “Strong Drought in Guantanamo, Cuba

  • It seems that past plans — both socialist and capitalist — in the caribbean region were not adequate to deal with such severe droughts, which appear to be increasing in frequency. And while capitalists still monopolize most of the World’s resources, only socialist societies will likely deal properly with planning which takes into consideration such extended dry periods. The capitalists have the resources — but usually only vested interests make such decisions in those polities. And to the extent that ‘socialist’ societies ape capitalist ones — the same types of bad decisions will also be made, AFAIC.

    So let’s hope Cuba really does plan well for the benefit of the entire society, and of the natural state of the island as well — and comes up with a superior plan to deal with the chronic water problem.

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