Strong Environmental Impact After Rains in Pinar del Rio

HAVANA TIMES — Heavy rains in western Cuba caused serious damages to various ecosystems of the region, as well as social and economic facilities, reported Prensa Latina.

According to provincial Environmental specialists, there are reports of damage to the Galafre Mouth beach dunes, in the southwest of the archipelago.

The constant rain left over 100 and 200 mm of accumulated rain in places like Isabel Rubio, Guane, and San Juan y Martinez, while the prolonged floods “could cause deforestation in certain points.”

The rains caused the overflowing of the Cuyaguateje River, the largest in western Cuba, which rose nine meters above its usual channel, flooding hundreds of homes, tobacco curing houses and several kilometers of road.

Experts will assess the aftermath of flooding on the housing stock, polyclinics, hospitals, education, pollution sources, waste treatment systems, and associated fauna forests.