Swine Flu Advances Cuba Ups Measures

By Circles Robinson

While revenues are down, the number of toursits visiting Cuba was up slightly during the first semester of this year.  Photo: Caridad
While revenues are down, the number of tourists visiting Cuba was up slightly during the first semester of this year. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 11 – Cuba is not exempt to the advance of the swine flu pandemic affecting l86 countries worldwide, notes the local press in a report stating that the country’s world recognized efforts in disease prevention puts it in a favorable position to confront the “complicated” situation.

Strict epidemiological controls and the public information campaign have been stepped up in recent weeks.  Cuban health authorities are also working to keep the cases of dengue fever to a minimum.

Cuba’s Public Health ministry records a total of 621 cases of A HlNl to date, including 444 adults and l77 children.  The three fatalities were pregnant women, a segment of the population that has proven especially vulnerable to the virus, recognized Deputy Health Minister Jose Angel Portal Miranda on Cuban TV.

The World Health Organization puts the figure of total deaths from swine flu at 4,525 worldwide with 417 of the fatalities occurring in the last week.

One thought on “Swine Flu Advances Cuba Ups Measures

  • having spent a great deal of time in Cuba i have a lot of confidence in their health system.their medical people have nursed me back to health many times with kindness and good medical care.i hope that if i ever have a serious illness or am involved in a natural disaster such as a hurricane i have the good luck to be in Cuba.


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