Texas Authorities Reposition Deadly Floating Barrier in Rio Grande Ahead of Court Hearing

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Texas, a federal judge in Austin is hearing arguments today on a lawsuit filed by the Justice Department against Republican Governor Greg Abbott over Texas’s installation of buoys in the Rio Grande along the U.S.-Mexico border. The judge could issue an emergency injunction that would force Texas to remove the floating barrier within days. Texas authorities were reportedly trying to reposition the buoys ahead of today’s hearing, after Mexican officials said the barrier, aimed at blocking asylum seekers from reaching the United States, was installed on Mexico’s side of the river. Between the buoys there are circular saw blades. Dozens of asylum seekers, including children, have been severely injured. This is Democratic Congressmember Joaquin Castro during a visit to the border city of Eagle Pass earlier this month.

Rep. Joaquin Castro: “It’s incredibly dangerous, incredibly inhumane. And it’s the reason that I’ve said that it’s barbaric, because it is. You see that go all along there. People are getting stuck. There was a dead body that was stuck to this last week, reports of a child that died. If you go closer to this razor wire, there’s people’s clothing that has been stuck to the wire because they’ve gotten stuck in that wire.”

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One thought on “Texas Authorities Reposition Deadly Floating Barrier in Rio Grande Ahead of Court Hearing

  • The financial investments and efforts made by American authorities to stop the “illegal” migrants trek into America astounds me. Billions of dollars that could be used to assist these “possible New Americans”, as well as those already privileged with that citizenship. Do Americans want to not only stop their passage but harm them? Razor blades on the barrier. A Pox upon both Republicans and Democrats alike, people with no vision, imagination and no creative thoughts within their aged and often hateful minds. Look at the problem before you, see how you can make it a positive for the nation as well as these migrants and move on with your idea. Many businesses claim they lack staffing, the military continue to try to raise their numbers, there are many ways these people searching for freedom and a safe place to live can assist America. Migrants are a positive to the economy, creating businesses, jobs. Yankee’s stop letting fear and hate rule your days.

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