The Harassment of Nicaraguan Folklore Symbol Flor Ramirez

Denounced by a Nicaraguan Human Rights collective

Flor Ramírez can’t leave her home.

From 100 Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – On Sunday, August 8, the Nicaragua Nunca Mas [“Nicaragua Never Again”] Human Rights Collective issued a condemnation of the constant police presence around the home of Flor de Maria Ramirez. The activist became known as the “Huipil Lady” during the 2018 protests, which she’d attend dressed in traditional Blue and White folklore dresses, often dancing as she demonstrated.

Since September 2018, she’s suffered constant police harassment. This has increased recently, even though the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IACHR) granted precautionary measures on August 3rd.

According to the human rights collective, since Thursday, August 5, intensifying on the weekend, police and para-police laid siege to Doña Flor’s home, keeping her from leaving the house.

“We remind you that the IACHR recently granted precautionary measures to Doña Flor, recognizing that she finds herself in “a serious and urgent situation, since her rights to life and personal integrity are at risk of irreparable harm,” stated the Nicaraguan human rights organization.

The Nunca Mas collective demands that the Ortega-Murillo regime end their persecution of this Nicaraguan citizen who engaged in legitimate protests against the abuses of power. At the same time, they demand the freedom of all the 140+ political prisoners in Nicaragua.

On August 5, the pressures the Ortega regime is exerting against all those who express their political discontent, or have any relation to their principal political rivals, led the IACHR to grant precautionary measures to Flor de Maria Ramirez. They also granted these protective measures to Pedro Salvador Vasquez, who was the driver for presidential candidate Cristiana Chamorro. Chamorro is now incommunicado under house arrest, while Vasquez remains in prison.

In a written declaration issued on August 5th, the IACHR pronounced in favor of Vasquez and Ramirez, asking the Ortega government to respect the fundamental rights of both.

They also rejected once again the allegations of Nicaraguan authorities, who claim there’ve been no acts of harassment against Mrs. Ramirez. The international human rights organization found: “she’s a victim of threats, harassment, detentions and acts of violence by state and parastatal authorities.”

In October 2020, Flor Ramirez, better known as the Huipil Lady posted a video denouncing the constant police besiegement and harassment she was being subjected to. At that time, the police kept her from even going to the small store a few yards away from her home.  An official of the Ortega regime’s police grabbed her arm and forced her to return home.

“Some motorcycle police got off in front of my house. I thought it was just routine, that they were going by, or whatever. But when I went out and walked some 15 yards north from my house, the policewoman came up to me and told me: “Go home! You can’t go out.” I asked her why and said I was just going to the store. Then she grabbed my arm and stopped me from moving forward,” Ramirez told reporters from 100% Noticias at that time.

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