The Ship of Tolerance in Havana’s Biennial Arts Fest

HAVANA TIMES April 30 — The Ship of Tolerance, after touring several countries around the world, will be displaying the drawings and messages of Cuban children on May 11 in the courtyard of the Castillo de la Fuerza colonial fortress.

The activity will take place as a part of the Havana Bienal art festival, reported the Prensa Latina news agency.

The initiative is a celebration of the “International Day for Tolerance,” established by the UN in 1996 and consisting of children in each country drawing on the sails of the wooden ship with messages of peace.

As for the arts Bienal (May 11 – June 11), it is one of the most anticipated events for spectators in Havana because of the cultural activities that take place in open spaces of the city and the interaction that occurs between artists and passersby. This year’s program will have participants from more than 40 nations.