“The US Border Isn’t Open”

The US reminds migrants of the correct procedures to legally enter the country

Photo: The application CBP One to schedule appointments to request asylum at the border

The person wishing to immigrate may enter through the humanitarian parole program or with a legal appointment scheduled on the CBP One app. Those failing to follow these steps will be expelled.

By La Prensa

HAVANA TIMES – The US Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) is reiterating the fact that the US border “isn’t open” to illegal immigration. Those attempting to cross in this way will be sent back to Mexico or to their country of origin.

CBP also reported that on March 29 they detained over a thousand migrants – the majority Venezuelans, with a few Nicaraguans among them – in the area around El Paso, Texas. These migrants were expelled under Title 42 or processed for deportation under Title 8. Authorities indicated that these people “may have been misinformed about the current immigration policies and initiatives.”

“People should not be heeding the lies of the traffickers, who frequently take advantage of vulnerable migrants, offering them false information in order to later charge them for assistance in illegally crossing the border,” stated Anthony Scott Good, head of the Border Patrol in the El Paso Region.

This is what you should know if you plan to enter the United States, or if you have been approved for humanitarian parole:

Legal ways to enter the United States

Under the current immigration policies, immigrants who are citizens of Nicaragua, Haiti, Cuba or Venezuela may enter the United States through the humanitarian parole system, or through an appointment made on the CBP One online site.

Those who illegally enter the United States will not only be expelled or deported but will also be considered ineligible for admission under these legal processes.

“The US Border Patrol wishes to remind migrants that the border isn’t open for those without authorization or a legal basis for entry,” states the CBP in a video shared over social media.

Those wishing to enter the US by obtaining humanitarian parole must have a sponsor who applies for them under this program. They will then be asked to confirm the request and wait for authorization to travel. Those who don’t have a sponsor but entered Mexico prior to January 9 can schedule an appointment through the online application CBP One to present their asylum request at the border. The appointment can be made at any one of the eight authorized Land Ports of Entry set up to process these requests.

Using the application, the authorities will then indicate the date, time and place where the petitioner should go to present their case.

Wait times

Sponsors who file their application should know that the authorities have up to 90 days to respond. That’s the wait time, after which the sponsor can ask for a review. It’s not necessary to file the request again.

Among the information shared by immigration authorities is that once the sponsor is approved, the beneficiary can complete their application and travel from any country, since the only requirement is that they be outside the United States.

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