The US Flag Flies Again in Cuba

By Fernando Ravsberg

The raising of the US flag in Havana.  Foto:
The raising of the US flag in Havana.  Foto:

HAVANA TIMES — The US flag has finally been raised in front of the newly-opened embassy in Havana. The Cuban delegation was headed by Josefina Vidal, who was at the front of negotiations with the United States. John Kerry appeared later, wearing a blue suit and leaning on a cane, to sit down next to the Cuban diplomat.

In his speech, delivered in English and partially in Spanish, the Secretary of State insisted that Cuba has nothing to fear from his country. He made a vague mention of the benefits of “true” democracy, but acknowledged that the decision as to Cuba’s political system must be made exclusively by Cubans.

Several hundred people – Cubans and Americans – gathered at 7 in the morning at the Malecon ocean drive, some 50 meters away from the embassy, and witnessed the reopening ceremony. The public was not subjected to any special security measures, only a fence indicated the area they could not access. Hundreds of umbrellas and fans evidenced how hot the day was, even mid-morning. Even the US guests had to take off their jackets to cool off.

Some 400 journalists, half of whom have come to Cuba to cover the event exclusively, were there, including representatives from the world’s main television channels, from the United States to Japan.

The US flag was delivered by 3 retired marines, the same ones who lowered it 54 years ago, when Washington broke relations with Cuba. One of them, Jim Tracy, confessed: “I’m moved. I think the entire world is going to like what’s coming.” Another, Mike East, stated that re-establishing relations means a lot, as there are “a great number of people who have been affected, separated families and everything that’s happened.”

3 thoughts on “The US Flag Flies Again in Cuba

  • Well said.

  • If only the people of Cuba were free to take political decisions. When John Kerry says that the decision on Cuba’s political system must be made exclusively by Cubans, he only helps to entrench the Castro family regime – for they control the political system of Cuba – the people count for naught.
    The process which led to today’s flag raising commenced way back in June 2013 when representatives of the US and Cuba met in Canada, but little else has changed and nothing has changed within Cuba except perhaps a blip in the level of hope for the future.

  • Get the Castro Dictators out…and their cronies…and a significant change will happen. And please stop referring to the Castro’s as ‘Presidents”…they have never been elected.

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