Thirty-two Ladies in White Released

HAVANA TIMES — Thirty-two Cuban opposition activists known as the “Ladies in White,” who had been arrested by the police on Friday in various parts of the island, were released on Saturday, reported AFP.

According to their leader, Berta Soler, the aim of the police action was to prevent them from attending a “literary tea” that was held on Saturday at their headquarters in the Centro Havana neighborhood. That Father’s Day activity paid homage to several former political prisoners, the news agency said.

According to Soler, their office is monitored by the police, which two days ago stopped all vehicular traffic on the street and has stationed pro-government groups on the corners.

The group “Ladies in White” is made up of wives, relatives and supporters of the 75 dissidents who were arrested and sentenced to long prison terms in 2003, but were recently released.


One thought on “Thirty-two Ladies in White Released

  • Is there one sympathizer, syncophant or wannabee castrista that can explain to me how these women are able to strike fear in the hearts and minds of the Cuban elite and justify the national security risk they pose as they march single file to Church on Sundays armed with daffodils? Is the Cuban revolution so vulnerable to being toppled that even this dissident movement must be put down. Anyone?

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