Thousands march in Buenos Aires against G20 ‘imperialist leaders’

By Juan Garff and Denis Duettmann, dpa

Thousands of people on Friday demonstrated against a G20 summit taking place in Buenos Aires, accusing the group of industrialized nations of imperialism and exploitation.

“Out with [US President Donald] Trump and imperialist leaders,” protesters chanted while marching through a central boulevard towards Congress.

Some of them carried placards reading: “They want war and we won’t leave them in peace.”

The demonstrators included bare-breasted women who had G20 flags painted on their chests.

The protest was peaceful except for an incident in which some of the demonstrators set fire to a wooden construction they had brought with them.

“Capitalism and the G20 want to exploit the natural resources and force us to work from 12 to 14 hours a day,” said Osmar, a Bolivian protester who lives in Argentina.

The textile worker said he earned so little that “not even a cat” would live on it.

Security forces earlier seized about a dozen petrol bombs in a burned-out taxi in the city centre, radio station Mitre reported.

Argentina has deployed around 25,000 police officers and soldiers to prevent violence similar to that seen during last year’s G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, when hundreds of police officers were injured.

Parts of Buenos Aires have been cordoned off.

13 thoughts on “Thousands march in Buenos Aires against G20 ‘imperialist leaders’

  • December 6, 2018 at 4:36 pm

    Mr MacD, Your comment is wrong on so many levels:
    I don’t support ‘communist dictatorship’.
    Not once have I referred to those who condemn it as ‘fascist’.
    I have frequently stated that I am in favour of peaceful and bloodless changes in Cuba.
    I don’t generally find reference to Karl Marx to be irrelevant. I regard Marx’s theories are a fascinating topic although you are entirely incorrect to describe me as a disciple.
    What I said was that mention of Karl Marx was irrelevant to my points regarding the new far right.
    Let me see if I can find any part of your latest comment that is actually correct……..
    Here we are:
    ‘History is Repetitive’ – completely agree.
    And I have already given the following example which proves your point: right wing capitalists and the far right are supping at the same table again.
    Regarding your ‘mentally callow’ insult.
    I’m not going to stoop to getting into any exchange of cheap insults.

  • December 5, 2018 at 10:34 pm

    Nick, you just don’t have the intestinal fortitude to openly admit your support for communist dictatorship. In consequence you endeavor to attack those who do condemn it by labeling them as fascist. Not once in all your contributions have you condemned communist dictatorship. To speak of “a certain dated ideological narrative” is certainly applicable to Marxism and I am amused that you find reference to him as “irrelevant”. Tell that to the Castro regime and to Diaz-Canel who so recently made a show of laying a wreath at Highgate cemetery.
    It is not difficult Nick to link dictators whether they be of the left or right, both lack humanity in their thirst for power and control as demonstrated by for example Franco, the Castro brothers and Pinochet. History is repetitive – ask any historian, but you as obviously mentally callow have yet to learn that. Humanity will I hope have opportunity to dump dictatorship, those who practice it or support it, into the garbage can of history to join the USSR.

  • December 5, 2018 at 2:38 pm

    So that old chestnut again ?
    Trying in vain to link the far right and communism yet again huh ??
    Right wing conservatism has always been the gateway to the far right.
    Right wing conservatism and fascism have always dovetailed and they are supping at each other’s tables to an alarming degree in this modern era.
    It must be pointed out that the stagnant cold war era rhetoric that your comments are steeped in is past it’s use-by-date and no longer relevant in the modern era.
    I always appreciate your comments Mr MacD and always find them to provide an insight. In this instance it is an insight into how a certain dated ideological narrative tries to pardon the rise of the modern capitalist/fascist hybrid by means of irrelevant reference to a long dead 19th century political philosopher.

  • December 5, 2018 at 12:50 am

    Nick until you condemn dictatorship whether it be by the extreme right or extreme left, your comments will continue to be of diminished value. Your careful avoidance of addressing the evil of dictatorship but criticism of the extreme right demonstrates support for totalitarian dictatorship providing that it is by the left. I have been open in expressing my views but you carefully shun any criticism of extremism by the left. The “problem” that you suggest already exists in communist dictatorships which crush any form of open discussion – as encouraged in capitalist countries. Now how about Nick as a “disciple” of Karl Marx and dictatorship of the left?
    Regarding dictatorship by the extreme right – fascist, it too crushes dissent and dissenters, the only thing that distinguishes it from dictatorship by the extreme left – communist, is that it does tend to develop better economies.
    My personal view of politics is that it forms a circle and that there are great similarities between Fascists and Communists. if you follow the right it goes from Fascist to Reform to Conservative to Liberal – the circle continues to the left with the Greens, the Democratic Socialists back to the Communists. Sitting between Communists and Fascists there are the National Socialists (Nazis). The latter three support and practice dictatorship. The other parties support democratic multi-party systems. My support continues to be for those who support multi-party democracy and I continue to detest dictatorship.

  • December 4, 2018 at 2:27 am

    So you finally stop pretending that what I have been referring to does not exist.
    Rather than making false comparisons, perhaps it would be be wiser to appreciate the current scale of the problem regarding this new capitalist/fascist hybrid.
    Regarding France: the party headed up by the daughter and political heir of a notable holocaust denier and apologist for Vichy France is riding high in the polls and riding high on the wave of violent protests against a ‘moderate, centrist’ capitalist government. Whenever moderates talk of a far right threat, conservatives always hint that the far right is preferable to communism.
    That’s how Hitler got such a high proportion of the votes in German elections of the 1930s. In Austria, the country of Hitler’s birth, a far right party founded by one of his disciples, is currently in coalition government with the conservatives.
    If you are genuinely against the far right Mr MacD, then you may wish to take greater note of the scale of the problem.

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