Trump Helps Ortega by Deporting Nicaraguan Activists

The twenty deportees were at the Broward Transitional Center for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Pompano Beach, Broward County. Oscar Navarrete / La Prensa


At least 20 Nicaraguans seeking asylum were deported from the US and are now missing.

The fear of the relatives of the Nicaraguans who were denied political asylum is that the authorities will transfer them to the El Chipote prison to interrogate them or worse.


HAVANA TIMES – Despite claims by the Trump administration that it considers the government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murrio a brutal dictatorship and calling it a threat to US National Security, in practice the administration has found a way to help Ortega, who was a stable business ally of the US for over a decade.

Some Nicaraguans who have gone into exile in the Unites States after fleeing the repression and persecution of the regime of Daniel Ortega, for having participated in some way in the civic protests starting in April are being deported after being denied political asylum, according to human rights activists, reported La Prensa newspaper on Sunday.

The fear of the relatives of the deportees, according to the complaint, is that the Nicaraguan authorities, upon receiving the exiles, will immediately transfer them to the notorious El Chipote interrogation prison to investigate them.

At least twenty Nicaraguans were deported on Wednesday, January 3rd at night.

According to Roger Castaño, representative of the Permanent Commission of Human Rights (CPDH) of Nicaragua in Miami, the fate of the returnees is unknown.

One of the Nicaraguan’s who had protested against the Ortega government, arrested in Texas, is a 32-year-old from Matagalpa. He after being persecuted by paramilitaries and after his house was marked with the threat of “plomo” (lead) he decided to go to the United States, where he was arrested by immigration officers on December 23, notes La Prensa.

According to his relatives, he was transferred to Miami, without the right to see a lawyer. “It took us four days to locate him in through the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement and now they do not give us any information, so we do not know if he is still there or if he has already been deported to Nicaragua,” said a relative.

The twenty Nicaraguans deported, according to Castaño, were at the Broward Transitional Center for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Pompano Beach, Broward County.

“It’s sad that these guys who fled the regime of Ortega-Murillo will be put in their hands again, without having committed any crime other than to defend their homeland and think differently, (and) love democracy,” said the family.

The regime has not stopped besieging the Matagalpa resident. In his absence, men in civilian clothes have come looking for him at home, arriving with the excuse of checking the electricity meters, said his relatives, who are very afraid.

More deportees

Among the deportees is the activist David Gomez, from Estelí, in northern Nicaragua, who has participated in several demonstrations against the Ortega government, according to a note published in the Miami Herald.

“They are deporting our brothers who are requesting political asylum and we believe that this is wrong because President Donald Trump himself has said that Nicaragua is a danger to the internal security of the United States, since there is a criminal dictatorship,” said the Nicaraguan activist.

There are reports of people who have proof that they participated in the “civic rebellion of the Nicaraguan are being sought after by the Police and the Sandinista paramilitary formces, and yet they were deported,” Castaño said at the press conference in Miami.

The deportees had arrived in the United States in recent months to ask for political asylum. “Some traveled by plane and others entered by land at the border,” said the human rights defender.

The activists also announced that they plan a demonstration in front of the White House so that the temporary protection status (TPS) is maintained for Nicaraguans and granted to Venezuelans because they are also under a “dictatorship.”

Al Chipote

According to Roger Castano, representative of the Permanent Commission of Human Rights (CPDH) of Nicaragua in Miami, deporting the Nicaraguans who protested against Ortega equals sending them to their deaths.

“Deporting these Nicaraguans means sending them to repression and death. We believe that it is immoral and that is why we ask our representatives, our senators, to stop the deportations,” said the activist.

Castano said that some of the people deported to Nicaragua are abducted and disappeared by the Sandinista regime or end up kidnapped in El Chipote.

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  • This article doesn’t make sense. Deportation proceeding in the US last more than 6 month at minimum. Democrats have created a lengthy process for anyone to be deported, so if this Nicaraguan are being deported in January then they most likely entered the United State in 2017 or beginning of 2018 before Daniel Ortega started his killing. People would do or say anything to stay in the US.

  • Well that is good to know… People fight believing they gonna get support from US, hahahaha…US never care about poor people you have money, or high quality professional, maybe you have a chance in US, if you are a regular citizen you are considering a piece of shit…they don’t care, they never care… American dream is just propaganda, is fake the way they act, they give speech against Ortega, put some sanctions, they said they are worry about the repression, but they don’t want no one to come to live in US territory…..

  • Delsy, Daniel Ortega was killing his people long before the NICA ACT was signed into law…the evidence of atrocities is public domain. Libtards like you can’t hide the genocide of Ortega and the likes of other “socialist” leaders. Grow some balls and speak up against the 500 murders of overwhelmingly unarmed ex-sandinistas at the hands of Ortega.

  • Didn’t you listen when Trump said he didn’t like Latinos. Never go to the US until Trump is out of office or you risk your life.

  • Perhaps you should pick up a book, and see how the US has been meddling in Nicaragua and other Latin American countries, causing these mass migrations…if this administration doesn’t want to help these people, why lie and say the NICA act is to help them?? Why impose sanctions??

  • And yet they want to impose sanctions on Nicaragua so more people can suffer…if u want people out ur country, then stay out of theirs…

  • President Trump: Do not give the boot to any Nicaraguan asylum seeker who can provide proof of being criminally menaced in country of origin, cause you are sending them to meet the undertaker! If a gang member is detected kick his butt right away! But discern THE DIFFERENCE! Yours truly POTUS-2020

  • What the simple minded protesters fail to grasp. Is that when Trump said the situation in Nicaragua posed a threat to U.S. secirity. He was talking about people just like them coming to the U.S. Let this be a lesson to them. Don’t go stirring up a bunch of crap then run to the U.S. to hide. After you make your bed, lay in it. If you’re going to be a patriot. Be prepared to die.

  • I am saddened by what has happened to these Nicaraguans. And hope that better consideration will made for these people.

  • Perhaps they were not persecuted and just wanted to migrate to the US. There are a lot of people who is looking for the American dream after that it has been announced by the US Gov that Nicaragua will suffer economic sanctions. La Prenaa news paper is the most unbiased media that we have in Nicaragua.


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