Trump Pins Blame Directly on Cuba for Sick US Diplomats

The US embassy in Havana, Cuba

HAVANA TIMES – US President Donald Trump said today for the first time that he believes the Cuban government is behind the mysterious acoustic attacks on US diplomats in Havana that led Washington to withdraw the majority of its personnel from the island, reported dpa news.

“I think Cuba is responsible,” Trump said at the White House. He did not say if he is contemplating new reprisals against the government of Raul Castro.

Last week, US chief of staff John Kelly indirectly accused Cuba of not doing anything to stop the mysterious attacks suffered by several of its diplomats in Havana.

Since November 2016, 22 US diplomats in Cuba have suffered alterations in their health, which the United States calls “acoustic attacks”, with symptoms such as hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, fatigue, cognitive problems and difficulties in sleeping.

The attacks allegedly took place in residences of diplomatic staff and in hotels frequented by US citizens.

The situation led the United States to withdraw the majority of its staff from Havana and expel 15 Cubans from Washington and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson even threatened to close the US embassy on the island .

Cuba has assured that it has nothing to do with these events, which are being investigated by both countries, which resumed their diplomatic relations in 2015 after more than 50 years.

10 thoughts on “Trump Pins Blame Directly on Cuba for Sick US Diplomats

  • I can’t believe I’m actually typing this, but I agree with both Hans and Nick on Trump’s modus operandi.

  • The Russian embassy is in Miramar. The US embassy is in Vedado. 10 minutes by car.

  • This is what I’m wondering. How close is the Russian Embassy to the US Embassy? Can the Russian Embassy see the American Embassy from its location? If so, I would not be surprised if the trouble with hearing loss originated from the Russian Embassy! Just saying!

  • Moses it is so unlike you to agree with anything on here, unless it is smearing the Castros!!!!

  • I wonder if he knows that Cuba is also an island “surrounded by water-big water-ocean water!” I strongly suspect that Trump’s agents themselves planted these devices inside the embassy and living quarters and then blame it on the Cuban government. When the truth comes out, he’ll expect legal action from the same diplomats soon after he is impeached.

  • Y’all don’t believe anything what this mentally unstable president says. If things don’t go his way, he’ll resort to sabotage! He’ll find out the hard way that this isn’t going to work that will cost him and his party in the November election next year.

  • Before visiting Cuba be sure and pick-up a copy of the just released, CUBA: 101 BEAUTIFUL & NOSTALGIC PLACES TO VISIT

  • Is this an alternative fact from the rogue president who lives in an alternative parallel universe?

  • I really, really hate to agree that idiot Trump.

  • He really “knows” very little. Just found out Puerto Rico is an island, and islands are difficult to reach “because they’re surrounded by water- big water- ocean water.” Just found out he’s the president of the US Virgin Islands. There has been no evidence tying Cuba to the illnesses; the FBI even came in upon invitation by Cuba and couldn’t figure it out, but didn’t think it was caused by the Cuban govt. Cuba is not responsible.

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