TS Philippe Went Easy on Cuba

Rain drops in Havana. Photo: Dink Bruce

HAVANA TIMES – Tropical Storm Phillipe, a rather disperse and relatively weak weather system passed over Cuba on Saturday without causing any destruction reported to date.

The largest accumulation of rains occurred in the provinces from Mayabeque, east of Havana, to Ciego de Avila, reported official sources.

“As occurs with the majority of tropical storms that are disorganized, the areas of cloud cover with rain tend to be strongest to the right or near the center of the system.  In the case of Phillipe, although it passed close to Havana, the main rains were concentrated in the provinces to the east,” informed granma.cu.

The same provinces that received rains from Phillipe were harder hit by hurricane Irma in September. This time the effects were neligibile, without any serious flooding reported.