Two US Citizens Had Been Detained for Speaking Spanish

By Democracy Now

Image Credit: ACLU Montana

HAVANA TIMES – In Montana, two U.S. citizens who were apprehended by Customs and Border Protection for speaking Spanish while grocery shopping have reached a settlement in their racial profiling lawsuit against the Trump administration.

Ana Suda and Martha Hernandez were standing in line at the store when a CBP agent asked them where they were born. He demanded to see identification after hearing them speak Spanish. The two women, who were born in Texas and California, showed their valid Montana driver’s licenses. However, they were taken into custody anyway.

For many people in the United States knowing and using languages besides English, is considered unpatriotic. While learning languages is valued in the most of the world, in the USA its a different story for a segment of the population.

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3 thoughts on “Two US Citizens Had Been Detained for Speaking Spanish

  • I have been in the U S a lot many people have limited english ability in both the U S and Canada. I have never seen the police bother someone for speaking another language. If in the U S the police ask you a question in english and you do not understand or want to answer in English they may handcuff you put into a police car and take to the police station and have a officers ask in spanish. They only do this if the information is important.

  • It’s just a news brief from Democracy Now.

  • This article is absolute horse shit. Maybe a racist claiming to be a government agent approached these women and harassed them. I don’t know who wrote this because they didn’t post a byline which any author is proud to have with his published his work. Communist propaganda.

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