Two Women Burned Alive in Nicaragua


HAVANA TIMES – Two rural women were tortured and burned alive in a town in the north of Nicaragua for a case of a debt that wasn’t even theirs, police said Friday when they presented two confessed authors of the crime, reported dpa news.

The cases were the latest in the wave of femicides affecting the Central American country.

The deputy general director of the Police, Fancisco Diaz, said Jamileth Avila, 36, and his daughter-in-law Zeyling Zamora, 17, were murdered on March 19 in a Jalapa region, Nueva Segovia (north), by a hitman who was already arrested.

The other man arrested is the person who hired the hit man and owed the equivalent of US $3,500 to Jamileth Avila’s husband, a debt he did not want to pay.

Diaz indicated that the assassin had the mission to kill the whole family. He shot the women with a revolver, stole money and valuables from the house and later burned the house. The women were injured by bullets and died burned.

According to the police, the confessed material author has a record of murder, assault with a gun and rape. The authorities are investigating possible links with organized crime, said the police chief.