U.K. Begins COVID-19 Vaccinations as U.S. Faces Vaccine Logistics Hurdles

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – This morning, the United Kingdom began administering its first doses of Pfizer’s vaccine to elderly residents. Ninety-year-old grandmother Margaret Keenan was first in line.

Margaret Keenan: “I’m happy it’s happened. And now I’ve done it, and hopefully it’ll help other people come along and do as I did. You know, try and do the best to get rid of this terrible thing.”

Meanwhile, there are new questions about the rollout of vaccines in the USA.

Moreover, the Wall Street Journal reports Pfizer expects to ship half as many doses of its vaccine as planned in 2020. The medical news site STAT reports frontline US healthcare workers think the Trump administration’s pledge to vaccinate 20 million people in December seems unrealistic.

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