U.S. official: No plans to change Cuban Adjustment Act

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Press Release

Alejandro Mayorkas in Havana. Photo: Homeland Security
Alejandro Mayorkas in Havana. Photo: Homeland Security

HAVANA TIMES – Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, the highest ranking Cuban-American in the Obama Administration, traveled to Cuba October 27-30 to meet with senior Cuban government officials.

While in Cuba, Deputy Secretary Mayorkas met with leaders in the Ministries of Interior, Transportation, and Foreign Relations. The meetings took place in a cooperative and positive atmosphere that focused on enhancing cooperation in customs and border protection and exploring new areas for collaboration.

“This has been a very productive trip – building relationships of mutual respect with our Cuban counterparts, with an initial focus on trade and travel security. As a Cuban-American, it is a great honor to further President Obama’s policy and build stronger relationships with the Cuban people,” said Deputy Secretary Mayorkas. “I believe that engagement with Cuba is in our interest, and will improve the lives of the Cuban people,” said Mayorkas.

22615942341_10f1adb841_kThe Department of Homeland Security is responsible for securing flows of people and ensuring the security of trade between the United States and other countries. Deputy Secretary Mayorkas highlighted that there is no change in U.S. immigration policy and the Administration has no plans to alter the Cuban Adjustment Act. Safe, legal, and orderly migration from Cuba to the United States and the full implementation of the existing migration accords with Cuba is a top priority for the United States.

One thought on “U.S. official: No plans to change Cuban Adjustment Act

  • I can’t help but believe that a part of Deputy Secretary Mayorkas, even a small part, couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in his return to Cuba to negotiate with the Castro regime. In the Castros worst nightmare, a Cuban-American sits on the other side of the table facing off with Castro minions. This particular meeting sounds like mostly bullsh*t but the big picture is that for all of the Castro revolutionary bluster, they end up begging for handouts from the same Cubans whom they once called gusanos.

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